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Educational dossiers

The fortress is a fascinating look at the Centre for asylum seekers in Vallorbe. For three months a film crew followed the lives of 200 men, women and children while they waited for the state to take a decision concerning their futures. The director captures with sensitivity and emotion the rapport between the asylum seekers and the staff at the Centre.

This documentary offers a multitude of teaching possibilities. It could be used to start a debate, for civics (asylum, settling of foreigners in Switzerland etc…), geography, history (international migrations and their motivations, the Geneva Convention, etc…), media (documentary vs militant film, the choices in editing etc…).

An educational dossier has been created for the Fortress in collaboration with It includes an interview with the director. We have also selected other educational dossiers on the theme of asylum, migration, racism and exclusion.

We also offer, at advantageous rates, cinema showings, meetings with the director and other members of the team on themes about asylum. Contact us at Look Now! for more information.

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Legal age: 10. We recommend this movie for 12 and above.


Educational dossiers

+ Switzerland votes for tougher asylum laws

The Breaking News English. Activities For Language Teachers.

+ Refugees & asylum seekers
From Oxfam Education Ressources.

+ Refugees and asylum
Amnesty International has produced a range of resources to explore this issue with students.

+ Educational dossier la Forteresse_e-media
(only in French)

Dossier followed by a interview with the director.


FounDing text and laws articles

+ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

+ Loi fédérale sur l’asile en Suisse (LAsi)
(only in French)

26 June 1998 (last modified 12 December 2008).

+ Loi fédérale sur les étrangers (LEtr)
(only in French)

16 December 2005.

+ Second Declaration of Rivas
III World Social Forum of Migrations (September, 2008).

+ Dublin Convention
In Europe.

+ Convention of the Status of Refugees
Geneva, 28th July 1951.