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In Switzerland

There are many local, cantonal and regional organizations that are fighting in one way or another for the asylum seekers. Their support is varied. They offer legal aid, there are militant organisations, they offer a place for the asylum seeker to be heard, and they print special revues that transmit information to the citizens denouncing certain laws and unfair practices etc…

The following list will enable you to become more familiar with these organizations, find information, make contacts and maybe even join the struggle.

+ Amnesty International Switzerland (AI)

World Movement defending Human Rights.

HEKS is the charitable arm of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC). HEKS provides emergency aid and survival, and combats the causes of hunger, injustice and social misery. All human beings should be able to lead a dignified and secure life in social, economical and political terms.

+ Caritas Switzerland
Caritas Switzerland is committed to the poor. The charity is active in Switzerland and in over 50 countries around the world working for social justice.

+ Solidarité sans frontière
Together with migrants and asylum seekers  FSOS fights for their rights and interests.

+ Swiss Refugee Council (OSAR)
(only in French and German)
"Protecting refugees" and "preserving human dignity" these two principles guide its work.

+ Federal Office for Migration Switzerland
(only in French ND German)

Government organ treating all questiions relevent to foreigners and asylum law in Switzerlnd.

+ SFM - Swiss Forum for Migrants and Population studies
Forum contributing to a disscusion linked to migration topics and intercultural relations.